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DoggyBnB App – the LinkedIn - Airbnb - Uber for Pet Care Is Now On Android!

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DoggyBnB captures the trend towards a shared economy, offering life flexibility, money-saving, and money-making by using mapped social connections to overlay a crucial element of trust while removing friction from the process of finding and offering care for pets.

DoggyBnB is the first pet care solution that is network based. Using the app, pet owners simply ask and reward pet loving friends and recommended providers for pet care using a three degree connection system, similar to that of LinkedIn. With just a few screen taps, pet parents crowdsource help by broadcasting a pet care request (called a “Woof”) to their network of friends and sitters, with time and rates that work for them. Requests can be for house sitting, overnight stay, walking and feeding with an option to book sitters their friends love and trust too.

DoggyBnB eliminates several of the key pain points involved in currently seeking and securing pet care:

* Reaching out to friends and family one by one is time consuming while asking them directly can be awkward and put an unfair burden to help
* Searching for a pet sitter online is inherently inefficient and fragmented as they lack a layer of authentic trust and personal connection that force you * Kennels can be expensive and the unfamiliar environment is stressful for pets.


Millennials have been the vast majority of DoggyBnB’s demographic. You do not need to own a pet to join DoggyBnB.  Non-pet owners can sign up and make money watching pets by inviting and connecting to pet parents they know.  It’s great for pet lovers that are unable to commit to full time pet ownership to make extra bucks on the side without feeling obligated, while professional pet sitters can expand their businesses and create economic opportunity out of thin air by “fetching” available jobs. This system appeals to the core values of this mobile-centric, money-savvy, and socially connected generation.

“Launching in Android is critical for allowing our users to connect with all pet lovers in their social network, not just the ones on iPhone,” expresses Adam Pokornicky, co-founder and CEO of DoggyBnB.  He was inspired to build a mobile pet care app to find people based on trust, friendship and shared connections after missing an impromptu boys’ weekend because he couldn’t find a sitter for his beloved cavalier, Maggie. Prior to launching DoggyBnB, Adam was a hedge fund trader in NYC. He is joined by his co-founder Dan Joldzic and partner Matt Luckey in LA.

For more information, visitwww.doggybnb.com or connect with us socially on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/doggybnb IG: www.instagram.com/doggybnb or Twitter:www.twitter.com/doggybnb

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