Just imagine a media company that connects to thousands of online databases and runs your advertisements, distribute your special offers & gift certificates, recruits agents and reward your social influencers until an agreed upon number of prospects have opted-in to your campaigns.

Generate Media Publicity

PMN now updates more than 20,000 online databases representing 860,000 journalists, 270,000 media outlets. Use PMN to share your news releases with journalists, bloggers, rss feed subscribers and social influencers.

Recruit Resellers & Affiliates

PMN connects to the leading affiliate networks and online stores. When you add your digital content or physical goods to our network we create PMN gift certificates for top items and share.

Create Unlimited E-Contests

Contests are powerful tools used by the largest companies to build opt-in mailing lists & reward fans for their support. Use PMN to deploy unlimited contests. Run until a guaranteed number of prospects respond. More info

Pamper Social Influencers

You can encourage more viral sharing of your messages by rewarding social influencers, affiliates and related partners. Use PMN to purchase gifts for top online marketing partners.

Build Powerful Opt-In Lists

Use PMN Rewards to build a self-replicating network of content entrepreneurs, social influencers, affiliates and related partners and, or customers who will share your message or purchase your products and services.

Recruit Content Entrepreneurs

An increasing number of Internet users are leveraging their social media accounts to make extra money. Use PMN to recruit content entrepreneurs and we will reward them to spread your message.

Find New Advertisers & Customers

Transform prospects that respond to your offers into self-replicating virtual sales people. Share in lifetime revenues when prospects responding to your offers purchase any good or service from approved PMN vendors.

Succeed Even When You Fail

If prospects respond to any PMN or client offer as a result of advertisements we run on your behalf, PMN will reduce your future media buy costs or transfer to your PMN Rewards account.

Recruit Unlimited Bloggers

Reach more than 2,000,000 bloggers and journalists. Connect with individuals that have opted-in to connect with your brand. Run your campaign until a minimum number of bloggers have responded.

Build Amazing Viral Fan Networks

Join forces with your social followers to create a huge network of supporters & succeed in business. Make a difference in the lives of others & create your own success story. More Info

Reward Supporters 4 Ways

PMN is the only social influencer recruitment network that allow you to reward supporters with points, prizes, cash and, or jobs. Use our platform to reward individuals simply for sharing content on social media. More info

Find Experts For Your Projects

PMN works with Success Radio to identify the experts you need to grow & manage your business. Simply tell us your need, we will share with leaders & find the right expert for your business. More info

Grow Content & Product Sales Now

Automate the sale of your digital content & physical goods on the leading sites including Click Bank, Amazon, Groupon, Twitter, etc more using PMN Gift Certificates. Reach millions of customers. Sell more. Work less.

Create Your Own Content Store

Host your digital content or physical goods on PMN OR set-up your own store (content management system). Retain 100% ownership of your database and product revenues. More info

Monitor Your Realtime Campaigns

Monitor your campaigns in real-time. See who is responding by name and username. OPTIONAL: Ask us how you can monitor viral, multi-level response & reward word-of-mouth advertising to ten levels. More info

Find Great Speaking Opportunities

Use PMN to identify speaking & networking opportunities with the leading international event planners. Share opportunities with your PR & marketing team for enhanced results. More info.

We Help You Sell Your Content

Not only does PMN provide you with the technology to sell your physical goods and digital content we also update thousands of online databases to help you grow your sales. From Clickbank to Amazon, we help you to move

Get Guaranteed Media Listings

When you join the Pamper Me Network as an expert or merchant we will automatically update thousands of partner databases with your news releases, social media posts and engage social ambassadors to promote your vendor profile.

Receive 500 - 1,000 guaranteed media listings within 72 hours of project launch. See sample listings to your right.

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